If they want to burn it, you want to read it!

If they want to burn it, you want to read it!

Gilad Atzmon — gilad.co.uk March 21, 2017

Paletines horizonJewish history is a chain of disasters: inquisitions, holocausts and pogroms. Time after time, throughout their history, Jews find themselves discriminated against, persecuted and expelled and, to most Jews, this continuum of tragedy is largely a mystery. Yet one would expect that Jews, clever people for sure, would peer into their past, understand it and take whatever measures necessary to change their fate.
I was born and raised in Israel and it was many years before I realised that Israel was Palestine. When I was a young Israeli boy, the Holocaust and Jewish suffering were somehow foreign to me and my peers. It was the history of a different people, namely the diaspora Jews and we young Israelis didn’t much like their Jewish past. We didn’t want to associate ourselves with those people, so hated by so many, so often and in so many different places. Erasing two thousand years of imaginary ‘exile’, we saw ourselves as the sons and daughters of our Biblical ‘ancestors.’ We were proud youngsters and we were disgusted by victimhood.
So Jewish suffering has, in many ways, been a riddle to me. But yesterday, at the London School of Economics (LSE), I witnessed a spectacle of Jewish bad behaviour, so incredible, that much that hitherto had been unclear, suddenly became all too clear.
Yesterday, at a talk given by one of the greatest humanists of our generation, Professor. Richard Falk, it took Israel-advocate Jonathan Hoffman just sixty minutes of intensive hooliganism to cause him to be ejected from the hall.  As Hoffman and his associate were thrown out of the building, the entire room expressed their feelings by shouting “Out, out, out”
Hoffman wasn’t just a run-of-the-mill thug. Waving his Jewish nationalist symbols, he was acting openly as a Jewish-ethnic activist. Later I learned that he is associated with many Jewish and Zionist institutions: BOD, Zionist Federation and so on.
Behaving as he did with total disrespect to an academic institution, did Hoffman think that the LSE was some kind of yeshiva or perhaps just his local synagogue? I guess not. My guess is he just assumed that, like so many spaces in our country today, the LSE was simply ‘occupied’. It seems that merely the presence in a room of just one Zionist is enough to transform that room into occupied territory.
Never in my life have I seen an entire room so united in its outrage and if anyone within the Jewish community believes that hooliganism a la Hoffman & co is going to make Jews popular, they are wrong. Judging by the reaction I witnessed in the LSE yesterday, there is now total fatigue with Zionist thought control, book burning and brutality.
But I would also like to use this opportunity to issue a sincere apology. In Falk’s book launch yesterday, I suggested to a Palestinian supporter that, rather than reading Jewish historian David Cesarani on the Holocaust, he may like to give David Irving a try. Some Jewish students were outraged by my comment so I would like here to correct my statement, to make it more inclusive and categorical. Don’t just read David Irving. If you genuinely want to understand the world around you, make sure you hear every voice these people want to suppress and read every text these people try to burn.
If they want to burn it, you want to read it!
Once you’ve read it, you decide whether the text should make it to your bookshelves – or to the pyre.
So to Jewish thought-controllers and book burners, both Zionist and ‘anti’: You have clearly launched a war against academic freedom. You are engaged in thought-control and book burning. You have begun a fight with core Western values: openness, scholarship, tolerance. All those things associated, not with Jerusalem, but with Athens. I have no doubt that in this war you may win some battles, you may manage to cancel a talk here and there, you may even manage to burn a book or two.  But you will lose the war. Freedom will prevail, for the yearning  for freedom is engraved in the human soul.
I urge Jews and Jewish institutions to consider carefully whether their behaviour really serves Jewish interests. As the author of the most read book on Jewish identity politics, I can see in the making, a disaster.


SBU orders to destroy all evidence of the conducted special operation MH17

SBU orders to destroy all evidence of the conducted special operation MH17

Scott Humor — The Saker May 23, 2017

MH17 crash site

If you want to know my opinion that hasn’t changed since 2014. The Boeing flight MH17 was shot down by the Ukrainian air force fighter jets, but not necessarily piloted by Ukrainian pilots. It was a CIA and NATO operation to frame Russia. Most likely the Dutch government was a part of this operation.

Now, they are trying to hang all the dogs on Waltzman -Poroshenko, because neither the Dutch monarchs, nor the CIA would fancy to be incriminated in this crime.

Poroshenko is a dead man walking, especially after banning the Russian social media, which is where every Ukrainian lives.

Germany is pressing Ukraine to get back and start cooperating with Russia in terms of trade, because otherwise is a total alles kaput.

That’s why someone from CIA or NATO is leaking the documents to “Sovershenno sekretno,” which is not a pro-Putin publication. I am certain that these documents are real, and that all they do is to implicate in this horrible crime a few low level Lugansk regional SBU officers, the country bumpkins.

May 9th leak of personnel data of the Luganst Regional SBU office was the first hint.  I posted two videos, thinking that these could be the beginning of something bigger. I was right.

No doubt that we will see more documents and even witnesses coming forward.


The following is the translation of an article SBU orders to destroy all evidence of the conducted special operation

Below are images of 4 «цiлком таемнiх» («top secret») documents generated by the Security Service of Ukraine

The newspaper “Under Absolute Secrecy” got hold of photocopies of documents generated by the Security Service of Ukraine SBU pertinent to the special operation commenced by the SBU in order to find and destroy all the evidence of mass murder that  took place in the sky over the Donbas on July 17, 2014.

The newspaper “Sovershenno sekretno” initiated its own investigation title:

“Unwrapping The Mystery a mystery of the Boeing MH17 crash. The operation of the Security Service of Ukraine “Clean up” Part 1

– Order to conduct the following special procedures in order to destroy the facts of a special operation.

– Order to carry out effective preventive measures among witnesses of special operations that were conducted on July 17, 2014.

– Order to identify and detain witnesses of the civil aircraft explosion.

– Order to redeploy and regroup the servicemen who were deployed to serve their official duties in the territory of the village Grabovo, Donetsk region.

– As part of a special operation, command to destroy all materials that indicate the presence of a combat aircraft having carried out combat missions in the specified area on July 17, 2014.


First, we reacted to these documents with skepticism.  Most of them, judging by the holes punched in a side, were extracted from some folders and photographed. The orders, encrypted telegrams, plans and decrees are written on the official forms with official trident-crowned letterhead of “Служба Безпеки Украiни” which means the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU), as well as on the ordinary sheets of A4 paper. All of the documents contain signatures, resolutions, file numbers and seals. The materials generated by the secret bureaucracy of the Ukrainian “безпеки” or security have fallen into our hands, and these explosive materials should lead to the international scandal and should bring the President of Ukraine Poroshenko and his generals on the defenders bench of the tribunal at the Hague as war criminals.

The person who handed us these documents appeared out of nowhere and disappeared into nowhere. During our several meetings in the course of a month he changed five phone SIM cards and changed his email address three times.

When asked why he decided to leak the documents to us, he replied that he knows and respects us as journalists of the newspaper “Sovershenno sekretno”.

When asked who he is and how he managed to get the secret SBU documents, he answered something like this: “This is an intermediate result of a long and diligent work. In Ukraine, I have several old friends, who are sick and tired of being set up and walked all over. These guys are finicky, however, on one hand they want these bastards to get what deserve, but on the other hand, they want a small safety net. That’s why they want some money for these documents.” After he mentioned money, we got a bit sad. The financial power of our editorial office and our partner the Journalist Agency for Federal Investigations FLB.ru are rather modest. “Believe me,” he told us. “I personally just want those SBU bastards to get what they deserve.”

Copies of the documents looked legitimate. Later, we gave them over to one of the Lubyanka (Moscow city Criminal Police Department) experts for examination, and he pointed out that all of the documents had been drawn up according to the rules of record management that go back to the KGB.  Many senior employees of the security service of Ukraine are the former employees of KGB. Of course the authenticity of these documents can be established not by journalists, or even a Police expert, but by the court appointed investigators, who must study the original orders and decrees, without sanitization made in our case, apparently for operative purposes and for security reasons.

What’s important for us that finally after three years since the plane crash the names of real witnesses and probably real executors of this murder are beginning to emerge. That’s why today you have the opportunity to read copies of 4 completely criminal orders issued by the Security Services of Ukraine.

And that’s why, we have no choice, the newspaper “Sovershenno sekretno” announces a public investigation ““Let’s uncover the secret of Boeing MH17 crash.

Only with your help we can get other criminal orders, encrypted telegrams and decrees. The international commission for investigation of the Malaysian Boeing 777 crash in the Netherlands does not want to work, and distorts and classifies the investigation results. Let’s all help to find out what had happened, or at least get closer to the truth. The truth is about how those 298 people who died.

These four photocopies allow us to draw three preliminary groundbreaking conclusions.

The first conclusion is: that the new Kiev authorities are responsible for the shooting down of the Malaysian Boeing 777 MH17 flight. President Poroshenko and his generals have been hiding the truth and lying for the last 3 years.

The second conclusion is that the Ukraine’s military aviation is involved in this resonant plane crash.

The third conclusion is that in order to cover up the traces of this monstrous crime, starting with the end of July 2014 the SBU undertook measures to destroy the facts of this special operation and all the materials indicating the presence of a combat aircraft having carried out combat missions on July 17, 2014.

Dozens of people were involved in this special operation of downing the aircraft and the subsequent “cleanup”; there were hundreds of unwitting witnesses among the military personnel of the Ukrainian army. We hope that sooner or later they will speak up.

In the meantime we expect that within the next month or so we will be able to obtain other documents from the depths of the Ukrainian “безпеки” (security) and the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense that will point at the real culprit of the MH17 flight crash.


We are posting the SBU secret documents in the chronological order the way they were issued. The photocopies of originals are accompanied by the Russian translation. As it is stated in one of the orders, the start of the “cleanup” operation was given three days after the shooting of the aircraft, on July 20, 2014. It was on this day when the first deputy director of the SBU Colonel General Vasily Sergeyevich Gritsak approved the “Plan for the main organizational, counterintelligence and special investigation measures of the DKR SBU dated 20.07.2014 No. 1 / 1-837.” (DKR is counterintelligence department of the SBU. We do not have the copy of this Gritsak’s plan yet, but hope that we will get it – FLB)

Document No. 1



CNN Analyst Says Manchester Attack Could Be “Right Wing False Flag”

CNN Analyst Says Manchester Attack Could Be “Right Wing False Flag”

Steve Watson — Propagandamatrix May 23, 2017

Less than 24 hours removed from the latest horrific ISIS inspired terrorist attack in the UK, a talking head on CNN programming has suggested that the bombing could actually be a ‘right wing false flag’ in order to ‘frame Islamists’.

I looked this up with the full intent of debunking an Internet rumor, but yes, a CNN analyst actually suggested this https://twitter.com/KazeSkyz/status/866816156866359297 

CNN analyst said Manchester was likely an Islamist attack, but floated the idea it could have been “false flag” by “right wing extremists.” pic.twitter.com/IzgKtU8T0O

While admitting that the attack was most likely an Islamist plot, the analyst claimed that there have been multiple instances in Europe of “right wing extremists” plotting to carry out attacks to make it appear that Muslims were to blame.

The comments appear to have been made on CNN in the first couple of hours of coverage of the attack.

Meanwhile, BBC anchor Katty Kay told viewers that Europeans must “get used to terror attacks because we are never going to be able to totally wipe this out.”

Kay made the comments on MSNBC’s Morning Joe:

“As ISIS gets squeezed in Syria and Iraq, we’re going to see more of these kinds of attacks taking place in Europe and Europe is starting to get used to that.” Kay added, with the caveat that no one is “used to having children targeted.”

Kay’s comments echo those of London Mayor Sadiq Khan, who before the Westminster attack in March said that terrorist attacks are ‘part and parcel’ of living in a major city.

Police have now arrested a suspect, and named the suicide attacker as 23-year-old Salman Abedi, who was known to British authorities prior to the attack.

British Prime Minister Theresa May said that there is an ongoing investigation to determine if the attacker “was acting alone, or was part of a wider group.”

“This attack stands out for it’s appalling, sickening cowardice, deliberately targeting innocent, defenseless children and young people who should have been enjoying one of the most memorable nights of their lives.” May said.

“This was among the worst terrorist incidents we have ever experienced in the United Kingdom.” The Prime Minster added.

“THE TERRORISTS WILL NEVER WIN”: British PM Theresa May delivers remarks following





That Critical Threat

That Critical Threat 

The news from Manchester continues to horrify as each individual tragedy gets confirmed in all its heart-rending detail.

In my two posts in the immediate aftermath of the Manchester bombing, I concluded:

If it was a home made bomb, it was a remarkably powerful one. It would be very unusual for a lone terrorist to be able to make a bomb this powerful. It is hard to think of any incident where an individual acting entirely alone has successfully done that.

This brought a response from regular right wing commenters on this blog that was astonishingly vitriolic. Coward and liar were among the things I was called, but much of the language was very much more crude than that. This all resulted in a large number of comment deletions. When a comment is deleted the replies and replies to replies are also deleted, so it can cascade quite far. That explains why a large number of innocent comments went.

But where they had an argument and not just insult, I was told that I could not know that much about bombs (I went on a course in the FCO at the Fort where we learnt about terrorist bombs and got to blow things up). I was also told that in other countries many suicide bombs had been this powerful (this is true, but they were provided by organisations, not made by individuals).

It has become plain that the reason the critical warning has been declared (which is British for State of Emergency) is that the security services believe such a powerful portable bomb almost certainly requires organisational support to build it. Which is precisely what I had realised. I suppose that is natural; I was a trained part of the state machine for a long time, so I can think like the state machine.

So let me come back to those commenters. Those who follow this blog regularly will know that there are a distinct group of right wing commenters who each appear to monitor the blog almost on a 24 hour basis. They certainly individually spend more time looking at it than I personally do, though this election period is an exception. These individuals always, whatever the subject, argue the UK government line against me. Over many years, I have never seen one of them even argue an alternative anti-government line to my own. Shortly after the bombing the official narrative was “lone-wolf”. So in this official emergency they all piled in together on the comment thread against any counter-narrative.

The other reason advanced for attacking me was the accusation I was secretly suggesting that this attack was perpetrated by the British state, in order to influence the election. It is undoubtedly true that the timing of the attack is remarkable – it came as Tory poll ratings were plummeting, Theresa May had just made the screeching U-turn or pretended U-turn on social care, and then appeared totally out of her depth in the Andrew Neil interview, destroying her “who do you trust” narrative.

In fact, nothing I wrote can in any way be construed as indicating I thought that the British state was implicated in the attack. For the record, I do not think it is remotely likely the British state was implicated in the attack. I knew a lot of senior people in the security services, and a few in special forces, and there is not a single one I suspect would do this kind of thing, or not actively seek to stop it if they came across it. I simply discount the idea.

But the election is the elephant in the room. We cannot pretend this has no impact on the election. Historians will look back at how this did or did not affect the course of the election.

I have a number of concerns. The first is that I argued that the Russian referendum in Crimea was not legitimate because you can’t have a free and fair election with troops patrolling the streets. I still hold that view about the Crimea, and I have real concerns about proceeding with the election during, in effect, a state of emergency.

The second point is that, because I rule out a British government false flag, that does not mean that I rule out the idea that the timing of the attack was an attempt to affect the course of the election. It seems very likely that it was timed to affect the election, especially when you consider that an attack from the same kind of jihadists occurred in France just before their recent election.

You would have expected an attack with such a sophisticated bomb to be part of a pattern of more or less simultaneous attacks using similar technology. That is what the security services did expect; hence the “Critical” warning. The fact there has so far been only one attack suggests to me that it was brought forward quickly to a target of opportunity due to the snap election.

There are many non-British state and non-state groups which might wish to influence the election. Remember that the very definition of terrorism is violence with a political objective. If it does not have a political objective it is not terrorism. Let me make this observation. The ideology of virtually all “Islamic” terrorism stems from Saudi Arabia. Wahhabism is fundamental to the very foundation of the rule of the Saudi royal family. Every known jihadist terrorist group, including ISIS, Al-Nusra, and Al-Qaeda, has received funding from Saudi Arabia. Here is a fascinating article by MI6’s Alastair Crooke on Wahhabism and the “duality” of the superficially hostile ISIS/Saudi relationship. Everything we know about Salman Abedi is consistent with this influence.

Jeremy Corbyn has continually criticised Saudi Arabia’s appalling human rights record and its devastating attacks on civilians in Yemen. Corbyn has vowed to stop arms supplies to Saudi Arabia. By contrast, Theresa May and her ministers have repeatedly visited Saudi Arabia and positively kowtowed to its rulers, and looked to increase arms sales to Saudi Arabia. Who do you think the Saudi ruling class, the World’s leading sponsors of terrorism, wish to win the General Election?

Furthermore a key part of the Saudi sponsored Sunni terrorist surge is support for Al-Nusra and the other jihadist rebel groups fighting to overthrow Assad in Syria. I do not support Assad, but neither have I ever thought it remotely sane to support a violent conflict to overthrow him and replace him with jihadist head-choppers. Yet the British establishment, and especially the Conservative Party, has been gung-ho to bomb Syria and help the jihadists to replace Assad.

Who has stood against the bombing of Syria and against British military support for the Saudi/jihadist agenda in Syria? Jeremy Corbyn and the SNP.

I have no doubt whatsoever the jihadists would try to influence the election, and try to influence it against Corbyn. As the great journalist John Pilger said yesterday of this possibility that ISIS are trying to influence the election against Corbyn and the SNP:

“They know how to intervene in public discourse every day and in politics every day. So that suggestion may well have a great deal of validity.”

Security issues traditionally play well for the right in an election. At time of attack there is a tendency to rally to authority figures. Rather than a very inadequate politician under fire, the Prime Minister has been able to appear in an entirely unchallenged setting as a figure of patriotism. Let me be 100% clear. It is not that May has done anything wrong; it is just that these effects are what the terrorists are probably counting on.

So in our hearts we must never forget the unfortunate victims of this bombing, so young and with so much talent. We must remember the horribly maimed as well as the dead, and ensure they receive all the support they need. We must condemn without ceasing the disgusting violence that destroys so many lives.

But we must also do something very difficult. We must press in our heads a reset button. We must remain entirely rational in considering the political choices before us, and not allow the incident to affect – in any direction – our political calculation on how to vote. Otherwise that is a major victory for the terrorists.

Kim Dotcom Goes All In: ‘I Knew Seth Rich… I Was Involved’

tomfernandez28's Blog

Screenshot 2017-05-24 15.29.46

By ZeroPointNow

Kim Dotcom; hacker, serial entrepreneur – and for a while the #1 ranked Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 player in the world – may be the key to the entire Seth Rich saga. From testimony in the Wikileaks investigation to Rich’s still unsolved murder – and facing extradition – Dotcom is ready to go nuclear…

To bring you up to speed

Last week, Private Investigator Rod Wheeler appeared on Fox5 news in DC with an update in the unsolved murder of DNC IT expert Seth Rich, claiming proof exists on Rich’s laptop proving he was Julian Assange’s source for leaked DNC emails during the 2016 election – an account in direct conflict to the Russian hacking narrative based on a discredited IT firm’s report.

Wheeler walked back his statements the next day, however the fuse was already lit… Weaponized autists on Reddit and 4chan began furiously digging back into the Seth Rich case for clues in the still unsolved murder – and they went deep.

View original post 909 more words

Catalonia Threatens Spain with “Financial Bloodbath”

Rigged Game

Catalonia’s independence would set off Spain’s debt time-bomb.

On Monday El Pais published leaked excerpts from what it claims to be the Catalonian regional government’s road map to independence. The secret document includes a plan for the region to unilaterally break away from Spain should its citizens be prevented from holding a referendum on independence in the fall.

It provoked a fierce backlash from Madrid. “This proposal is an unacceptable attempt to blackmail the state,” Spain’s Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy said in a hastily convened press conference. Spain’s defense minister María Dolores de Cospedal likened the plot to a coup d’état. In the meantime, Madrid continues to refuse to even entertain the idea of allowing a referendum on Catalan independence, despite the fact that in just about every survey of the last few years 80% of Catalans, including many unionists, have requested one.

It would mean the loss of 25-30% of Spain’s…

View original post 41 more words

Disturbing Manchester Blast Aftermath. Draconian Security Measures

Counter Information

Global Research, May 24, 2017

UK police state laws already are some of Europe’s most draconian before Monday’s Manchester blast, including the 2005 Prevention of Terrorism Act, eviscerating longstanding legal protections.

Perhaps tougher legislation is coming. Following an emergency meeting, Prime Minister Theresa May acted as expected – elevating Britain’s threat level from severe to critical.

Claiming another attack “may be imminent” is part of her fear-mongering strategy, an effort to convince Brits they’ll be safer by sacrificing fundamental freedoms.

The opposite is true.

Thousands of UK armed forces personnel are being deployed in key public areas, Britain turned into an armed camp – perhaps permanently.

Image result

More armed police are expected to be in evidence at high-profile venues (Source: ITV.com)

So-called Operation Temperer came in January 2015, following the Paris Charlie Hebdo and kosher market false flags.

It authorizes deployment of thousands of soldiers to “augment armed…

View original post 259 more words

Measles Mortality Rates and How the Medical Establishment Deceives Us Concerning the Efficacy (and Safety) of Vaccines

The PPJ Gazette

Duty to Warn

By Gary G. Kohls, MD

“During the last 10 years, there has been one death from measles, but that patient was an adult woman who was on immunosuppressive medications and had other serious health problems. (But between)2000 and 2017, there were 156 deaths related to the MMR vaccine.” David Brownstein, MD – Holistic Family Practitioner

“Up to 90% of the total decline in the death rate of children between 1860-1965 because of whooping cough, scarlet fever, diphtheria, and measles occurred before the introduction of immunisations and antibiotics.” – Archie Kalokerinos, MD

“According to the records of the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, from 1911 to 1935 the four leading causes of childhood deaths from infectious diseases in the U.S.A. were diphtheria, pertussis, scarlet fever, and measles. However, by 1945 the combined death rates from these causes had declined by 95% before the implementation of mass vaccine…

View original post 2,338 more words

WATCH: Rabbi celebrates at Manchester False Flag

Uprootedpalestinians's Blog

Rabbi Shneur Cohen of Chabad Manchester city was spotted serving coffee and donuts to cops after the terrorist attack at the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester arena on May 21, which resulted in the death of 22 people and sending another 59 to hospital. Chabad is Jewish supremacist group with ties to Israel Mossad.

The attack came ahead of June 8 general election which Jewish lobby fears anti-Israel Jeremy Corbyn Labour Party leader might win.

US officials claimed within hours of the incident that the perpetrator Salman Abedi, 22, was a suicide bomber belonging to ISIS terrorist group created by the US, Israel and Britain in the first place in order to provide humanitarian excuse to invade and destroy anti-Israel governments in region.

The UK’s Zionist-controlled mainstream media has already started blaming Muslims without any proof. Considering that Britain is the most heavily surveilled…

View original post 198 more words

Truth Struggling 

Counter Information

By John Pilger

07/21/05 “ZMag” – – In all the coverage of the bombing of London, a truth has struggled to be heard. With honourable exceptions, it has been said guardedly, apologetically. Occasionally, a member of the public has broken the silence, as an East Londoner did when he walked in front of a CNN camera crew and reporter in mid-platitude. “Iraq!” he said. “We invaded Iraq and what did we expect? Go on say it.”

The Scottish MP Alex Salmond tried to say it on BBC radio. He was told he was speaking “in poor taste . . . before the bodies are even buried.” The Respect Party MP George Galloway was lectured by BBC televison presenter that he was being “crass”. The Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone, said the diametric opposite of what he had previously said, which was that the invasion of Iraq would come…

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