Europe’s Largest Supervolcano ‘About To Erupt’

Nwo Report

Europe's biggest supervolcano on the verge of eruptionEurope’s most dangerous supervolcano, Camp Flegrei, is on the verge of erupting, according to a new warning issued by scientists in Italy.

The volcano has the potential to kill over 500,000 people and could cause damage that would extend across the entire planet. reports:

The first eruption is thought to have contributed to the extinction of the Neanderthals; though this is heavily debated, what’s indisputable is that it caused heinous weather changes, toxic levels of sulfur in the air which caused dark red sunsets for a year, and tons acid rain. In the most recent eruption, the supervolcano erupted for 8 days straight and formed a new mountain, aptly named Monte Nuovo.

Scientists have been detecting an increase in low-level activity since 2005, which they have called an “uplift.” The recent activity prompted the Italian government to raise the threat level from green to yellow, which means that the volcano…

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