Assange: Obama MUST Be Stopped Before He Can Destroy THE Critical Documents And Evidence

Nwo Report

Obama Desperately Shredding Key Evidence On His Way Out Of White HouseDamon Morgan

What is the Obama administration most desperate to hide from the American people on his way out of office?

We expect there to be many shocking disclosures in the months to come, as the extent of Obama’s incompetence is uncovered by Trump staffers. But what if so many records are destroyed that we are unable to piece together an accurate assessment of where we stand?

Even worse, what if key documents related to illegal activities committed by Obama, Hillary, Holder, and Lynch are being run through a paper shredder at this very moment?

That is the charge from witnesses with intimate knowledge of the situation, said Julian Assange in a digital press conference held on social media platform Periscope.

The reclusive Wikileaks founder said that Obama’s destruction of public records is a crime against humanity.

“Our philosophy is that such information is a part of history. It belongs…

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