Russia Has Bought-In To the Libyan War, Siding w/Gen. Khalifa Haftar


Maltese FM warns of uncontrollable migrants influx to EU after Russian-Haftar deal


The Foreign Minister of Malta, George Vella, has warned that the newly surfaced relationship between whom he described as the Libyan warlord, Khalifa Haftar, and the Russians will be very dangerous to the EU as it would cause massive migrants influx into European countries.

Vella told the Maltese press on Friday that the advances of Haftar-led forces toward Tripoli and the western region could see Libya plunged into a fatal civil war, which he said would be disastrous, “because it would create civil war and it would create more refugees running away from Libya,” he indicated.

“I’m not comfortable. We all know the Russians’ dreams have always been to have military bases in the Mediterranean.” The Maltese FM was cited as saying.

Khalifa Haftar visited Wednesday the Russian aircraft carrier, , which was positioned off…

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