The deceitful words of israel’s UK Ambassador Mark Regev

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The deceitful words of Israel’s UK Ambassador Mark Regev 


Mark Regev – habitual liar

Why wasn’t this dangerous individual sent packing after the Israeli embassy plot to “take down” senior UK government figures?

By Stuart Littlewood

Revelations that a senior political officer at the Israeli embassy in London, Shai Masot, had been plotting with stooges among British MPs and other maggots in the political woodwork to “take down” senior government figures, including Boris Johnson’s deputy at the Foreign Office, Sir Alan Duncan, should have resulted in the ambassador himself also being kicked out. But he was let off the hook.

That ambassador is the vile Mark Regev, ace propagandist, master of disinformation, whitewasher extraordinaire and personal spokesman for the Zionist regime’s prime minister, Binyamin Netanyahu.

Regev (real name Mark Freiberg) took up his appointment here last April, so presumably knew about, if not supervised, Masot’s activities.

“The UK has a strong relationship…

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