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What fun it is to watch Theresa Mayormaynot leap effortlessly from her privileged disdain for all things Donald to blowing his Trumpet on the failure of “interventionist foreign policy”. Our Prime Minister’s pyrotechnic political gymnastics just keep on getting better: she is emerging as the nearest thing Britain has to a Cruella D’Evile Knievel peddling like mad through the thin air between two sides of the Grand Canyon.

Mother Theresa had wangled not just the first signature in the Trump Visitors’ Book, but also a joint press conference with he of the preceding hairline. Just think about it: eight months ago she was a failing Home Secretary Remainer licking the likes of David Cameron, Jean-Claude Juncker and Hillary Clinton all over. Now that’s all over, she’s reduced to following in the  clod-hopping footsteps of Nigel Farage. Not so much How the Mighty are Fallen, more How the Flighty like Mugging…

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