Obama Hid Huge Crisis With Japan, Only Now Revealed…6 Years To Fix It Or Face Grave Danger

Nwo Report


When Dr. Chris Busby said that the Fukushima disaster was the worst disaster in the history of mankind, he was not being an alarmist or otherwise exaggerating. The disaster of March 11, 2011, saw no less than four nuclear reactors either meltdown (where toxic nuclear fuel turns molten and unapproachable by man or machine), melt through (where molten fuel drools out of the containment vessel poisoning the land), and melt out’s (where the core of the reactor explodes out into the world, in this case, as far away as Tokyo).

Some of the temperatures erroneously achieved reached numbers hotter than the surface of the sun, something that still leaves a radiation so thick and poisonous that even robots can not operate in the location that needs to be tended to and closed off….for 4.5 billion years. Mankind has no machine or a technology – nor any in the…

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