Kuwait Bans Same Terror-Laden Countries As Trump…And Doesn’t Get Called Racist

Nwo Report

pasted_image_at_2017_02_06_11_06_am_480Sam Di Gangi

It seems that the racism of Donald Trump must be true. After all, just today another nation is saying that the nations on Trump’s travel ban list make ample sense and that they are going to also ban the same nations. That is correct, we have learned that there is a nation that is asking that those on the list not even apply for admittance into the country.

That “hateful” nation that is as “against Muslims” is none other than the VERY Islamic nation of Kuwait. Either that or the ban is not based on race at all (since Islam is not a race, but rather a religion), but based upon known terroristic intentions, just as our president has said all along.

The fact is that there are 44 Muslim nations who are not banned and the reason for this is that those nations do not…

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