Saudi Arabia’s Capital Rocked By Ballistic Missile Strike

Nwo Report

Analysts fear the unprecedented strike on the US ally could be the start of a crisis leading to World War 3

Saudi Arabia’s capital Riyadh was rocked by a ballistic missile launched by Yemen in retaliation for Saudi-U.S. aggressions in their country.

Saudi Arabia’s capital Riyadh was rocked by an unexpected surface-t0-surface ballistic missile launched by the Yemeni military in retaliation for relentless and ongoing Saudi-U.S. incursions into their country.

Yemen made the announcement of their first ever attack on the capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in a statement released by the official state news agency on Sunday.

In the statement, they claimed that the missile, believed to be variant of a Russian scud known as the “Borkan”, had been launched at a Saudi military base located in the west of the capital Riyadh in retaliation for Saudi Arabia’s relentless US-backed war with their country.

The statement also pointed out that Saudi Arabia’s oil fields are well within the range of Yemen’s ballistic missiles – and they are prepared to use them.

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