What’s up with NIST’s modelling of WTC7, anyway? And what’s that about explosions, you say? (Three videos . . .) (– an update to a post from September 2016)

Taking Sides

[PLEASE NOTE  (16 Feb. 2017): the original videos to which I had linked  are no longer available. I’ve substituted  two new links to two videos whose content is to all intents and purposes the same as what they replace.  I still haven’t been able to find an equivalent for the third.  If and when I do, I’ll fix that too.  Otherwise, everything is as it was first posted in September of 2016.]

Norm’s note: merely for a bit of context, a comment left by myself at OffG:

Good morning, to you, too, CloudSlicer,

“Hulsey shows that NIST artificially assumed stiffness in certain parts of the floor structure in order to produce the required elongation of the beams through thermal expansion, sufficient to dislodge the girder. This is similar to heating a steel rod which is constrained at one end only, thereby ensuring that all the displacement through…

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