Finally, Big Pharma Admits Cannabis Kills Cancer Cells

Nwo Report

Big Pharma has smelled cash where it once smelled competition: it has admitted that cannabis is effective in diminishing the mortality rate of people suffering from cancer.


There is a reason why pharmaceutical companies are fighting legal cannabis. Opiate overdoses have dropped by roughly 25% in U.S. states that have legalized medical cannabis, compared to states that have prohibited it. Medicare prescriptions for drugs used to treat chronic pain and anxiety have dropped in U.S. states with medical cannabis laws.

When medical cannabis is legal and accessible, fewer people would use prescription drugs, particularly painkilling opioid drugs. Then who would need brand-name drugs, the average price of which have increased 127% since 2008?

However, UK-based GW Pharmaceuticals is an exception. Sensing the inevitability of cannabis legalization – with the National Cancer Institute as well as the National Institute on Drug Abuse admitting cannabis kills cancer cells and over a…

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