The Top Ten Foreign Countries That Try to Influence U.S. Policies…Guess Which Country is Missing From the List?

Strangely absent is Israel with it’s “powerful jewish lobby”

Nwo Report


I’m not sure which report Tucker Carlson was referring to, but it wasn’t difficult to locate a Washington Post article from 2014 about the top ten countries that try to influence U.S. policies. Surprisingly absent was Russia.

That doesn’t mean that Russia doesn’t try to influence our policies. Of course they do – like most other countries, and like the U.S. does to foreign countries. It just means that Russia didn’t make the top ten.

At the top of the list was United Arab Emirates, which apparently spent $14.2 million in 2013 to influence U.S. policies.

1. UAE 14.2 millionforeign influence

2. Germany $12 million

3. Canada $11.2 million

4. Saudi Arabia $11.1 million

5. Mexico $6.1 million

6. Morocco $4 million

7. South Korea $3.9 million

8. Republika Srpska (Bosnian Serb Republic) $2.4 million

9. Georgia $2.3 million

10.  Azerbaijan $2.3 million

This goes to show how much of…

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