British troops join showdown against Vladimir Putin as they travel to the frontline in Russia

British troops join showdown against Vladimir Putin as they travel to the frontline in Russia

Introduction — March 19, 2017

Light Dragoons Jackels prepare to embark at the port of Emden. Click to enlarge

British troops are about to join other NATO forces and deploy right on Russia’s very own doorstep. However, rather than examine precisely why this is being done, the Daily Mirror below, tries instead to justify it by claiming … “We must stand up to this bully”!
The implication being that Vladimir Putin is the bully.
The Mirror claims that NATO forces are being deployed “to ensure no repeat of Russia’s overnight takeover of Crimea”, without mentioning that this only happened after the people of Crimea voted overwhelmingly to rejoin the Russian Federation.
We are pretty sure that if the roles were reversed and Russian troops were deploying on the borders of Western Europe the Western media would be in an absolute uproar.
Such double-standards serve only to illustrate how the mainstream media is now a tool of the ruling elite. Used to manipulate the public’s outlook and opinions for the benefit of the media’s owners and controllers.

British troops join showdown against Vladimir Putin as they travel to the frontline in Russia

Chris Hughes — Daily March 18, 2017

British armour heading to the front line, Russia's border. Click to enlarge

Britain is sending 800 assault troops to Europe’s border with Russia in the UK’s largest military deployment against Moscow since the Cold War.

An advance spearhead of more than 120 soldiers flew to Estonia to bolster the nation’s defences against the military might of Vladimir Putin.

Backed by 300 armoured vehicles including Challenger 2 tanks, the force will swell to 800 within weeks.

It is part of a huge NATO operation in Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia and Poland to strengthen 700 miles of Eastern Europe’s borders with Russia.

We joined British soldiers, part of the 5 Rifles battle group, as they jetted from RAF Brize Norton, Oxon, to Estonia via Germany.

The mood was one of calm and focus. Captain Gav Dunlop said: “I’m not really worried if we get into a full tank battle. We are trained and ready.”

Troops landed at Amari air base near the capital Tallinn, and will be sent to Tapa army base, which blocks the main route from Russia to the city.

In total there will be more than 4,000 international troops pitted against a Russian attack in the four countries.

The NATO deployment is designed to ensure there is no repeat of Russia’s overnight takeover of Crimea and parts of East Ukraine.

Britain will lead a foreign force of 1,100 troops, including French and Danish soldiers, in Estonia.

The US, Canada and Germany will each take lead roles in one of the three other nations. UK troops will also support the US in Poland.

Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon said: “In the face of an increasingly assertive Russia, NATO is stepping up its commitment to collective defence.”

Troops have been warned to expect Russian espionage as Putin wants to discredit NATO’s presence by spreading lies about sex crimes and violence.

Some women in bars may be honey traps. L/Cpl Josef Hainzl, of Runcorn, Che­sh­­ire, said: “I have a beautiful RAF girlfriend so it’ll be a ‘no, thanks’.”

We must stand up to this bully

By Chris Hughes

Britain is playing a crucial role in restraining Vladimir Putin’s ruthless and often violent ambitions abroad.

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