DEAD MEN DON”T TALK: Nobel Laureate John Nash Dies Just Days After Revealing Major Breakthrough – By Olav Phillips (Flashback)


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“That being said just days before his death he announced to his friends that he had come up with a replacement theory for Einsteins General Relativity, or basically the mathematical model of how gravity works.  A change in that theorem would have far reaching implications in our understanding of how the universe works.  It would potentially also open up the notion of Faster Then Light travel and many other options about how time works etc.  To change it would fundamentally change physics. This new revelation was discussed with several researchers before Nash’s death including Cedric Villani who has broadly outlined Nash’s changed as being around the measurement of the curvature of space and time as well as how the dimensions of space are altered by energy”:

– Unexpected deaths are part and parcel in the conspiracy world, from the infamous murder of Danny Casolaro to the…

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