BREXITEERS TAKE NOTE: the man now leading Brussels’ EU negotiating team is a 24-carat crook.

The Slog.

mefacebook Novel-writing duties (and the garden) keeping me somewhat behind the music for the time being, I have only this afternoon realised that the inestimably ghastly Guy Verhofstadt is officially the lead member of the EU’s Brexit negotiating team. I would very much like to know why nobody in Downing Street or the Palace of Westminster has objected to the inclusion of this carpet-bagging little shit in what is supposed to be a serious, private process….as opposed to a series of stalls on Oxford Street diddling innocent passers-by with 3-card tricks.

I’ve been on the case of this Belgian chancer for over three years now, and every last act of his I’ve delved into has revealed a lying hypocrite busy enriching himself at the expense of the innocent.

In terms of internal Belgian politics, Verhofstadt stands alongside Herman Van Rompuy as a grubbily incompetent architect of Belgium’s descent into its current…

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