Is Euroland on Verge of Disintegration?

Rigged Game

[DQ here: a couple of caveats to go with this post.

First, the claim, in the first paragraph, that the Brexit campaign was promoted and financed by the most influential banks of the City of London, is not completely accurate. As far as I’m aware and as I documented in the run-up to the referendum, City of London banks were among the biggest funders of Campaign Fear. As the Telegraph notes, they have taken a massive u-turn since the referendum. It was the hedge fund community in the City that was most pro-Brexit from day one.

Second, later on in the article Engdahl mentions that as a result of its myriad schemes to keep the banks and sovereigns afloat, the ECB has a total balance sheet of over  €1.5 trllion. In reality, it’s a lot bigger than that. The last I heard it had surpassed the €4 trillion mark].


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