Yes, there’s a snap election in the UK…



Yes, we have noticed Theresa May has called an election for June 8. Yes, it’s highly possible the Tories will engineer a win, by legal, or less than legal means.

But…after Brexit and the bizarre Trump win we think making firm predictions about how any of this will go is a waste of time. Particularly at this stage.

The powers that be are seemingly locked in some form of labyrinthine internecine war. The political class in the US has pockets of genuine gold-plated insanity amongst its warring factions, and these truly mad people have fluctuating levels of influence on what we could term “policy” (if what is going on right now in the western hemisphere could be defined by anything so coherent). Anyone watching the various layers of propaganda coming out of the media and intelligence outlets during the US presidential campaign could, in hindsight, pinpoint the moment it…

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