John McAfee Just Announced the Most Private Smart Phone Ever: Here’s How it Works

Nwo Report

(ANTIMEDIA) — In an exclusive interview, head of MGT Capital Investments and former presidential candidate John McAfee spoke with Anti-Media Thursday night about an issue at the forefront of many people’s minds these days: privacy.

McAfee, a pioneer in the realm of antivirus software, has a new product coming to market later this year that takes on the subject of personal privacy with an item that’s become a significant part of most people’s daily lives — smartphones.

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“There are very few apps that do not ask for excessive permissions,” McAfee told Anti-Media radio host S.M. Gibson, pointing out that long before the public was aware, technology companies were recording and selling customers’ data to third parties through their products.

It’s the user’s agreement to these permissions that makes it all legal, notes McAfee…

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