Leaks Show Macron on Gay Mailing List, Aides Buy Drugs Online

Leaks Show Macron on Gay Mailing List, Aides Buy Drugs Online

GotNews – May 6, 2017

Macron: celebrations at the first round of the French elections. Click to enlarge

The rumors circulated about French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron’sinner circle are true. The alleged video tape proving Macron’s relationship with a man in the possession of Closer has been successfully kept under wraps by the clique of political insiders who threatened the publisher. #MacronLeaks is unveiling the truth, and also leaving even more questions to be answered.
For example, why is Emmanuel Macron on the mailing list of VestiareGay?
Mailing lists like this are opt-in only. This image was found in an e-mail addressed to Emmanuel Macron.
Furthermore, senior campaign member Alain Tourret was caught ordering a designer drug using bitcoin (an online currency that offers more anonymity that credit card purchases). Referred to by its initials in the purchase order, the drug MMC-3 offers a combination of effects similar to ecstacy and crystal meth. He was hiding his purchase because the French government classifies this drug in the same category as heroin and cocaine.


He had his package sent to a government address, which may not be as reckless as it first appears. If this is sent to his public address, as opposed to a home address not known to the public, then, if caught, he can claim to be the victim of a prank.
Unfortunately for Alain Tourret, bitcoin records do leave enough of a trace so that if researchers know that they have a time, a known buyer, and a known seller, they can confirm that the transaction really took place. The image at the right was retrieved by researchers who are experts in illicit online transactions such as this drug purchase.

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