Robert F. Kennedy Jr.: ‘Vaccines Are A Medical Holocaust’

Nwo Report

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. warned that modern vaccines are essentially poison vials creating a "medical Holocaust."At a screening of the documentary film Trace Amounts, which exposes the scientific connection between mercury in vaccines and autism, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. warned that vaccines are essentially poison vials causing a “medical holocaust” around the world.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. attended the screening to continue spreading the word about the proven dangers of vaccines, and to continue publicly criticizing the “lawless mafia state” that is Big Pharma.

They can put anything they want in that vaccine and they have no accountability for it,” stated Kennedy about the vaccine industry, which maintains its own exclusive and unconstitutional exemption from legal liability for vaccines that injure and kill children.

Both entering and exiting the stage to standing ovations, Kennedy lauded Trace Amounts for helping persuade lawmakers in Oregon to scrap a bill similar to California’s SB 277 that would have eliminated personal vaccine exemptions in the Beaver State.


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