Yes, Trump won the election. Yes, Trump is losing the term. Here’s why….

The Slog.

Why he won

  1. US Presidential elections are decided on the basis of who garners the most Electoral College votes, not the popular vote. Trump won more EC votes than Hillary – end of. If you want to change this arrangement, campaign to amend the Constitution. Don’t stamp your feet like horribly spoilt Under5 fascists.
  2. Do the maths. There are far more black than hispanic Americans. Hispanics voted against the Trump Wall but a huge proportion of black voters stayed at home. They did this because President Obama did nothing to help the real, bottom end poor of America. Hillary lost primarily because of her spineless predecessor.
  3. Polls conducted showed that Hillary is not trusted on the issue of her actions while at the State Department. The same polls showed that Bernie Sanders would have defeated Trump easily. She lost secondarily because the DNC chose the wrong candidate.

Why he’s losing…

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