WannaCry: Cyber Attack on NHS Hospitals May 2017

University of South Wales: Information Security & Privacy

Well, the Cyber Attack against the NHS has certainly caused a storm of protest. Monday we are told to expect a second wave of attacks.  So how did researchers manage to stop this attack so quickly?  The answer is that the coders made some very simple errors. They hardcoded in a kill switch, which UK researchers registered and triggered.

Here’s the code:

wcry code



Step 1 – Hit the kill switch – if there is one

MalwareTech requested the domain that acts as a kill switch.

This stops the infection of new devices.

wcry code

Step 2 – Look for unregistered Malware control server domains – as a Procedure

Now one thing that’s important to note is the actual registration of the domain was not on a whim. My job is to look for ways we can track and potentially stop botnets (and other kinds of malware), so I’m always on the lookout to pick…

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