Scientists Attempt to Find Link Between ‘Religious Fundamentalism’ and Brain Damage

Nwo Report

Chris Queen

It’s precious when scientists try to explain away faith. Because many scientists at the university level today come from a background where faith is an alien concept, we often come across studies that try to attribute belief in the supernatural to evolution or to a trick of the brain.

One new study attempts to link what researchers call “religious fundamentalism” to brain injuries. Scientists at Northwestern University studied nearly 150 Vietnam veterans to determine a link between the two conditions. Their sample consisted of 119 vets with lesions in the ventromedial prefrontal cortex, the part of the brain scientists believe handles religious belief, and 30 vets without the lesions. The conclusion was that “religious fundamentalism” occurred at a higher rate among those with the injuries to the brain than in those with no injury.

An article at PsyPost attempts to shed light on the findings:

“Human beliefs, and in this case…

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