Smoking Gun – FBI Connects DNC To Seth Rich Murder – Comey Can’t Protect Them Now

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By Rick Wells

Julian Assange stated in a tweet on May 9th that now that the obstructionist James Comey is no longer in power at the FBI he was expecting a “Niagara” of leaks to be forthcoming. The information regarding Seth Rich may be the first in that flood.

Rich was shot in the back and murdered on July 10th of last year under strange circumstances as he walked home from a bar near his home at approximately 4:18 am. Despite his wallet and watch not being taken and there being no evidence to indicate it was an attempted robbery, it has been classified as such by the DC police. That theory has been dismissed by many who believe the fact that Rich worked for Hillary Clinton and the Democrats at a time when WikiLeaks was publishing their internal documents is more relevant.

Now information indicating there may be a…

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