Labour Party Surging in Polls — Here Comes Corbyn!

JoAnn Chateau

The latest UK polls show that progressive Jeremy Corbyn is quickly closing the gap between himself and conservative opponent Theresa May, leading TYT host Cenk Uygur to crow, “Here comes Corbyn!”

“It’s conventional for polls to swing to the government during a general election campaign, but Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party has absolutely no respect for historical trends. Labour is up seven points in three weeks, halving the Conservative lead, with the fall-out from the proposed “dementia tax” still to be fully factored in, U-turns included…” ~ Matt Zarb-Cousin

READ MORE: Labour Is Surging in the Polls – and It’s All Because the Media Is Finally Giving Jeremy Corbyn Impartial Coverage | Independent

Rapper and political activist Lowkey endorses Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn for Prime Minister, in the video below. If you like intelligent commentary, don’t miss it.

The upcoming 2017 UK election is June 8. Remember, the UK Parliament…

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