ANALYSIS: the Labour fightback, the reasons behind it, & the ramifications of it.

The Slog.

Me2 If Corbyn puts Diane Abbott into the Home Office after June 8th, he will go down in UK political history as the greatest miracle worker of all time

The two new opinion polls out today show the Conservatives’ lead in GEUK17 slipping to 7% (TNS) and YouGov (5%). Yes, yes, yes – I know we’ve heard it all before: but listen, if anyone’s going to get indigestion eating words here, it’ll be me.

Last time out ten days ago, I did describe the Labour gains as ‘a potential earthquake’; but there’s no getting away from the fact that I didn’t think any kind of earthquake was really on the cards:


The difference this time is that we now have enough data to say with some certainty that the improbable has become highly possible….if that isn’t too many possibilities to take on board. Put more simply, both pollsters show…

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