Corbyn: Israel behind 1972 Munich Olympics terror

Rehmat's World

Early this month, UK Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn said that if he becomes the next prime minister – Britain will recognize an independent State of Palestine.

After the announcement, Brits were terrorized by the Manchester bombing, false flag operation to demonize Muslims. British prime minster Theresa May is now urging NATO countries to use military force to remove Iran’s ally Syrian president Assad from power.

On May 28, Daniel Sugarman in an article at British Jewish Chronicle accused Jeremy Corbyn of attended a ceremony in Tunisia honouring the memory of Atef Bseiso in 2014. Israeli Mossad assassinated him in Paris in 1992 over allegedly masterminding the taking of Israeli athletes hostage during Olympics in Munich in 1972.

According to Israeli author Aaron Klein Bseiso, head of PLO intelligence, was murdered by Mossad. He is buried in Tunisia.

Sugarman also accused Corbyn saying: “Foreign nationals serving in the Israeli forces could become the subject of war…

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