Trump and the Jews

Aryan Skynet

The (Jewish) stand-up comedian Jerry Seinfeld used to like to start a bit with “What’s the deal with….?” as a way of looking for humor in things people don’t think much about, but are strange when they do. In that spirit- what’s the deal with Trump and the Jews?

We are told repeatedly that Trump is just this side of Hitler. And yet he is popular with lots of Jews, up to and including the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu. This bears some looking into.

First, there is is darling daughter, apparently his favorite child, Ivanka. We are told she is a convert to Modern Orthodox Judaism through her marriage to Jared Kushner. But did she really need to convert?

Ivanka’s mother, Ivana, seems to have been Jewish. Her maiden name was Zelinickova and her mother’s maiden name was Francova. So why would Ivanka need to go…

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