Roger Moore (left)

Roger Moore’s father, a policeman, investigated a robbery at the home of film director Brian Desmond Hurst.

This led to 16-year-old Roger Moore being introduced to Hurst and hired as an extra for the 1945 film Caesar and Cleopatra[9]

Brian Desmond Hurst was openly gay.

There were rumours about teenage Roger Moore’s homosexual adventures with Hurst.

Roger Moore was married to Lucy Woodard (Doorn Van Steyn).

Roger Moore thus gained a stepson.

Roger Moore then married Dorothy Squires.

Roger Moore then married Luisa Mattioli.

Roger Moore then married Kristina Tholstrup.

Roger Moore in gay role 

Roger Moore played a flamboyant gay man in the film Boat Trip.


Caroline Cossey, who appeared in For Your Eyes Only, was born Barry Kenneth Cossey.

Tula: the transexual Bond girl.

Roger Moore did work for UNICEF.

Above, we see Roger Moore in Guatemala with UNICEF in 1991

On the right above, we see Daniel Craig who played James Bond.

On the left we see a reportedly gay man.

Above left, we see Sean Connery who played James Bond.

The author of James Bond, Ian Fleming, was of course gay and a spy.


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