Massive Security Breach on the House of Representatives’ Computer Networks

Lisa's leaks - 'Madness in the Magnolias'

– Photo: Imran Awan in an undated Facebook photo with former president Bill Clinton.

“Imran Awan threatened that he is ‘very powerful’ and would use that power to have people kidnapped in Pakistan.”

You might recall a couple of months ago when House Democrats fired technology staffers Hina Alvi and her husband, Imran Awan, part of the Pakistani family now under criminal investigation for its role in a massive security breach on the House of Representatives’ computer networks. Now, Alvi and Awan have fled to Pakistan, where they have joined their family, have substantial resources, and according to a report, “VIP-level protection.” 

In February, as noted previously, the strange case of the three Awan brothers, who got themselves hired as IT Professionals, working for a number of Democratic Congressmen at an extraordinarily high rate of pay.They had access to intelligence and homeland security information, among much else, but were fired weeks after the Obama administration…

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