Jeremy Corbyn’s Twitter Storm: The UK Election and the End of the Media Empire

Counter Information

If you were not following the UK election on Twitter, you would never have known about Corbyn’s stunningly effective campaign, unreported by a grossly out of touch mainstream media, writes Professor Jane Goodall.

Global Research, June 15, 2017
Independent Australia 14 June 2017

Following the shock British election result, the pundits are out in force.

They talk about the youth vote and mention “austerity” as if that were some kind of theorem.

I’m gobsmacked. Not at the election result – that didn’t surprise me at all – but at the spectacle of so many self-styled “experts” so utterly out of touch with reality.

I punch the off button on the radio and return to the iPad.

This appears on my twitter feed:

‘I volunteer at a food bank I work as a welfare rights officer I could tell you about people breaking down suicides and sheer fucking misery.’

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