‘Dirty Duterte’ on the Ropes as ISIS, US Special Forces Crash the Philippines

Astute News

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte has found himself in a perilous situation, as Islamic State-linked militants continue a siege in the country’s south, while US Special Forces have arrived to lend ‘technical support.’ What could possibly go wrong?

Just last month, Rodrigo ‘Dirty’ Duterte appeared to be riding high on the tiger of geopolitics with surprising authority. He had just served notice to the United States that, although he considered Donald Trump a “friend,” he would be realigning his foreign policy trajectory towards Russia and China. This punch to American pride came after he had requested more than once that US soldiers stationed in the Philippines pack up their gear and go home.

In other words, Duterte, failing to understand that the US superpower plays for keeps, was seeking to terminate US-Philippines relations with an amicable separation, as opposed to a full-blown bitter divorce.

“I have nothing against America, [President Donald]…

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