United Kingdom: The Storm of Political Change Is Upon Us – There Is No Going Back

Counter Information

Global Research, June 30, 2017
TruePublica 29 June 2017

The former Conservative Party chairman Grant Shapps said this week that the prime minister lost her majority because her policy ideas “simply didn’t stack up”. “We didn’t need to be here. I think it’s extremely frustrating. I think we had an unnecessary election and the world’s worst manifesto from the world’s oldest political party,” he said. “If we fail to learn the right lessons from the election then we will find that we never win elections again.” Shapps also rejected the suggestion the Tories lost their majority because voters had turned against austerity. How wrong Shapps is on that one!

Grant Shapps addressing Tory conference in 2014 (Source: PoliticsHome.com)

Grant Shapps is a typical right-wing politician of today’s Britain. A few years ago Shapps was discovered to have had a second job as a “multimillion-dollar web marketer” under the pseudonym Michael Green for at…

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