Tony Blair in flagrante

Tony Blair in flagrante


Ethically disabled former weapons expert Tony Billionair was interviewed by the Guardian yesterday, and said that a Corbyn Prime Ministership on top of Brexit “would leave Britain flat on its back”. He told the Fake Newsfinder General that “I know what it’s like to be flat on your back, because that’s where I’ve been for the last ten years – rogered by every Bank, State Dept official, Middle East dictator and Big Swinging Dick from Sharm el Sheik to Chicago in a bid to earn enough from whoring to have vastly more crony wealth than any other Labour leader in history”.

! ! ! Blair
Eff off Roop, I’m about to dog your wife

Known in happier times as ‘Limpwrist Lynton the Happy Hooker closest to Uranus’ while working in Derry Irvine’s Chambers, Mr Blurghgagurghhewie added that he had “united Britain, in a way never seen before, during three terms of permanently tumescent opportunity, and it is such a pity now that all these ghastly spin merchants are trying to pretend that to receive is a sin. To receive things up my bottom and thence into my bank account is not a sin…think of all the pleasure that came to those who gave in support of worthy causes like Saudi Arms, Iraqi shock and awe, screwing the taxpayer on Northern Rock, and letting off that poor man Anthony Lynton caught importuning in a puffta’s cottage all those years ago, whoever he might have been”.


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