When will this Guardian PC madness end?

Dr Who - actress
Actress, for goodness sake!

Dr Who - gay assistant

In the interests of balance, shouldn’t the next Dr’s assistant be a full-blooded, testosterone-brimmed male with little on his mind apart from rogering the Dr? This guy perhaps…

Dr Who - Flasheart

Instead, we have Guardian luvvies, under protection from the ‘moderators’ (censors):

Dr Who - CiF comments 1
As usual, “This discussion is closed for comments” because the moderators can’t keep up with non-PC-think

Dr Who - CiF comments 2

Dr Who - CiF comments

Day 2 – Guardian goes into overdrive about Dr Boobs

Dr Who - boobs
How on earth is it irresponsible? The pictures are presumably available to anyone with an internet connection. The actress (yes, actress, we’ll get there in a minute) was ‘comfortable with nudity because it was in the script….etc. etc.)


“Reporting the BBC’s announcement on Sunday that Whittaker would be the first female Doctor, both publications ran articles about Whittaker appearing naked or topless in previous acting work, illustrating the stories with stills.

Equal Representation for Actresses (ERA), a campaign group, said it was surprised and disappointed by the publications’ coverage of Whittaker.”

[That’s the gender-specific group name chosen by females in the acting profession to represent their interests – Equal Representation for Actresses. I wonder how long the hairy Guardian journalists wrestled with their dogma over this?]

The Sun published the photographs under the headline “Dalektable” – a reference to the Daleks, an enemy of the Doctor. The article covered pages four and five of the newspaper and described Whittaker’s “saucy screen past”. Mail Online’s article was headlined “Doctor Nude!” and also featured naked and topless photos of previous male Doctors, including Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant and Matt Smith.”

[Funny and funnier. The sub editors of those rags must sit there and calculate which headline is most going to enrage the hairy Guardian journos.]

Sadly, the Guardian’s dwindling reserves mean that no ‘moderators’ are available to open up comments below the line, so we can’t share readers’ outrage/delight.

For those of you reading in black and white, here are the Drs’ boobs.



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