Donald Trump, White House leaking, infantile media coverage, transgender drivel & other forms of fascism

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me4TRUMP-BLOCKING: why US Libleft spoiling tactics are bad for Americans, and suspiciously absent from foreign policy

The latest example of knee-jerk Donald Dishing to cross my desk is from The New Yorker – a magazine so tediously written these days by forty-somethings (brought up on the kind of formulaic canned dialogue that typified Friends) I feel my stomach muscles going into reverse-thrust every time I read it.

The story so far: Not-My-President Trump is at sea in a White House full of pernicious leakers, and beset by a neo-fascist liberal media set trying to overturn the democratic decision of US citizens to elect a pillock as the nation’s Chief Executive. His new press secretary Anthony Scaramucci (already the victim of leaks from serially disloyal Chief of Staff Reince Priebus) has spotted Priebus as the owner of a silly name and author of several vindictive leaks. Trump fires Priebus and promotes Homeland…

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