Counterpoints to the RFID Implant Snake Oil

The Krypt

When I read the opinion piece in The Independent, titled ‘A US company has microchipped its employees – we should welcome this as progress and get involved‘, I noticed so much vagueness and inaccuracy in Ab Banerjee’s evangelism of RFID implants that I just needed to post a counterpoint. He may be a CEO of a software company, but he seems to have weighed in without knowing anything about the technology itself or the risks of applying it in the way he advocates. If you want a more balanced and factual digest on this, I recommend the INFOSEC Institute’s ‘Human-implanted RFID Chips‘.

The first thing to know about the technology is it was originally developed for tagging and tracking objects for inventory control, and the tracking of livestock was an early application. However, the idea of implanting RFID chips into humans isn’t new – it’s said…

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