Parsons Green bomb suspect reported to anti-terror hotline weeks before attack

Parsons Green bomb suspect reported to anti-terror hotline weeks before attack

Introduction — Sept 20, 2017

The Parsons Green bombing has much in common with another terror incident that occurred in the UK recently.

Salman Abedia. Click to enlarge

Like Libyan-born Salman Abedi, the Manchester suicide bomber, the Parsons Green bombing was carried out by a refugee. The 18-year-old currently being held police in connection with Parsons Green originally came from Iraq, but was recently allowed into the UK as an “orphan”.
Perhaps more significantly the authorities already knew about his potential as a “radical”, just as they knew of Salman Abedi’s links with anti-Gaddafi groups in Libya.
Salman Abedi and his family had made frequent trips from their council home in Manchester to Libya, yet when they returned they were allowed back in without question.
According to some this was because Britain operated a virtual open “door policy” policy that allowed Libyan exiles and British-Libyan citizens to fight in the 2011 uprising that toppled Gaddafi. Even though some had previously been implicated in terrorism they were ushered through airport security without scrutiny.
This may also have been helped by the fact that the Manchester bomber’s father, Ramadan Abedi, had originally been recruited by British Intelligence in an effort to oust Gaddafi. So the suicide bomber was known to British intelligence before he wreaked havoc in Manchester.
Now it transpires that the Parsons Green bomber was also known to the security services. He had in fact been reported to an anti-terror hotline just days before he struck.

Salman Abedi's younger brother  Hashem (pictured)  had also reportedly been linked to ISIS. Click to enlarge

Is it really a coincidence that the authorities knew about two potential terror threats beforehand but were unable to prevent either? Or did they know about them but allow them to go ahead anyway?
This is not some far-fetched conspiracy theory. There have been numerous instances where governments have used terrorism and even covertly promoted it for their own ends. This has been widely documented and is a matter of historical record: from Operation Gladio to the U.S. support for mujahideen fighting the Soviets in Afghanistan, using terror has often been a matter of undisclosed government policy in the West.
So it’s worth asking whether Western governments are once again using terrorism for the own ends? Only this time with the terror now being aimed directly at their own people.
If that was the case with the Parsons Green bombing then the perpetrators probably didn’t have a clue they were being used. In fact their ignorance on this matter would have been essential to the success of the whole operation.
Using ignorant patsies to incite fear and apprehension among the indigenous population. With anonymous third parties supplying explosives to the willing dupes who, ideally, had little knowledge of how to construct a real bomb.
Of course this would make it more likely that the bomb wouldn’t detonate properly, just like the one in Parsons Green didn’t.
If we are to successfully neutralise the threat of terror we first need to deal with those elements in the West — in the security services, the media, the judiciary and government — that are actively colluding with it. Ed.

Parsons Green bomber caught on CCTV on the morning of the blast. Click to enlarge

Parsons Green bomb suspect reported to anti-terror hotline weeks before attack

Chris Pollard, Nick Parker, Pat Gysin, Tom Michael and staff writers — Sept 19, 2017

OFFICIALS had been warned about the teen held over the London Tube bucket bomb, it emerged yesterday as new CCTV footage was revealed.

The increasingly radical views of the 18-year-old Iraqi orphan were said to have led to a tip-off to the anti-terror hotline, Prevent reports The Sun.

A neighbour of the teen’s foster parents said police made repeated visits — one as recently as two weeks ago

Last night a source confirmed to The Sun: “I understand he was flagged up to Prevent. There are bound to be questions over what they did.”

The new CCTV allegedly shows the suspect riding a bike around near the foster home in Sunbury-on-Thames, Surrey, in the days leading up to the bombing.

Images show a young man — wearing a distinctive red hat — moving around near the property from September 10-13.

Some of the pictures — recorded just two days before the botched bombing — show the figure holding a bag emblazoned with the British flag as he cycles along.

Another video was recorded by security cameras outside Italian restaurant Ecco La Vera on Vicarage Road, Sunbury, on the day of the attack.

The suspected bomber can be seen carrying a white Lidl bag similar to the one believed to have contained the explosive device as he casually walks to Sunbury Railway Station at around 7.04am on Friday.


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