OFFICIAL: Eurozone Sovereigns lied about bond guarantees, and Shapps lied about everything. Situation normal.

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grantshitptToday is turning out to be one of those days during which one sees a confluence of truth leaking out from under the carpet.

For instance, it’s just beginning to dawn on the MSM that Austria’s decision to cut bondholders of Heta adrift means perhaps €2trill of EU debt once thought triple-A now carries a health warning. After Greece and Cyprus and haircuts and subordination, it’s pretty clear you can’t put any value on the promises of a Belgian bureaucracy and an Italian central banker.

Talking of Italians meanwhile, toxic loans at Italian lending banks rose €185.5 billion in the month of January alone. That really is a truly astonishing number: 10% of the entire Italian gdp is now bad debt. But loans to business have been falling every month for nearly three years. Poor Signor Renzi, he must be in a frenzy.

Gideon Rachman at the FT, meanwhile, insists…

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Newsnight IPCC investigation 16th March


An undercover police operation that gathered evidence of child abuse by Cyril Smith and other public figures was scrapped shortly after the MP was arrested, BBC Newsnight has been told.

The Liberal MP, who died in 2010, was held during a 1980s probe into alleged sex parties with teenage boys in south London, a source told the programme.

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Cyril Smith And Operation Hedgerow



I tweeted about this earlier this evening as I have done before but then I realised that I haven’t actually made a blog post about it. I don’t know why, I guess that I thought that readers had heard enough Cyril Smith connections and really want something about a politician who is alive. I’m sure it won’t be too long before that happens, just as I’m sure that victims of Cyril Smith’s don’t feel that he is ‘old news’.

Sometimes posts on The Needle are speculative and sometimes not, I hope it is clear to readers which is which. This story is definitely not speculative, it is impeccably sourced and I’d stake my reputation that it is true. To my knowledge this has not been reported in the MSM.

For some background regarding this read: Operation Hedgerow (1987-89)

To understand how Cyril Smith was identified as a child abuser during…

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UK Home Secretary: Pedophilia in Britain ‘Woven into the Fabric of Society’!

Socio-Economics History Blog Click on image for article!

  • UK Home Secretary: Pedophilia in Britain ‘Woven into the Fabric of Society’! 
    As the UK has launched a new-judge led inquiry panel to investigate a pedophile ring operated in 1980s, the Home Secretary warns the allegations are just a “tip of an iceberg” and the problem is “woven, covertly, into the fabric of our society.”

    Following a spate of allegations concerning the abuse of children by adults, many of who abused their positions of power and status, Home Secretary Theresa May said Britons still do not appreciate the “true scale of that abuse.”

    Writing in the Telegraph, May warned that the investigation into predators of children will “lead into our schools and hospitals, our churches, our youth clubs and many other institutions that should have been places of safety…”

    Following Thursday’s announcement of a four-person panel to investigate the…

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Undercover elite child sex abuse investigation ‘scrapped by police commanders’

Undercover elite child sex abuse investigation ‘scrapped by police commanders’

BBC Newsnight has claimed that an undercover police operation in possession of evidence that a member of the security services and a prominent MP were involved in child abuse was scrapped by commanders shortly after investigating officers sought to make arrests

The Wanless review asked Home Office staff to search their files for references to Cyril Smith, the late MP

The Wanless review asked Home Office staff to search their files for references to Cyril Smith, the late MP Photo: REX FEATURES

An undercover police operation that had evidence that a member of the security services and a prominent MP were involved in child abuse was scrapped by commanders shortly after investigating officers sought to make arrests, it has been claimed.

The BBC’s Newsnight programme claims to have received information that Liberal MP Cyril Smith was detained in connection with an inquiry into sex parties involving teenage boys but was quickly released.

A former officer familiar with the investigation claimed that detectives were ordered to hand over all of their evidence and subsequently threatened with prosecution under the Official Secrets Act if they disclosed details of the episode, according to Newsnight.

A spokesman for the Metropolitan police declined to discuss the new claims but called on “anyone with information which they believe can assist such inquiries to pass it onto police for consideration”.

Newsnight says it was informed of operation, believed to have begun in 1981, involving a team of undercover regional crime squad officers.

The squad believed that boys from care homes were being provided for sex parties.

Newsnight has been told that during a three month secret inquiry, officers gathered a substantial amount of evidence of men abusing boys aged around 14 years.

Evidence included photographs and video taken from inside a flat with a hidden camera that had been installed with the help of a caretaker.

Smith was then seized at a property in Streatham where he had been taking part in a sex party

with teenage boys, according to an account given to the BBC.

It is understood he was taken to the former Canon Row police station, opposite the House of Commons, but was released that night.

A desk sergeant was allegedly reprimanded for seeking to keep Smith in custody.

Newsnight journalists further claim that the squad had evidence relating to a member of Britain’s intelligence agencies, and two senior police officers, though the BBC has declined to name them.

The inquiry was abruptly shelved when the investigating officers were told to hand over their notebooks, photographs and video footage gathered during the inquiry.

They were then threatened with prosecution under the Official Secrets Act should they consider speaking out, according to one anonymous account.

The former officer who told Newsnight about the dropping of the

investigation spoke to journalists through an intermediary for fear of recriminations.

Blair to be sacked as Middle East peace envoy for having ‘no credibility’

Tony Blair to be sacked as Middle East peace envoy for having ‘no credibility’

US official says all sides regarded Tony Blair as a joke as peace envoy – everyone but Israel rolled their eyes when he was mentioned.

Tony Blair standing joke

AS RUMOURS of him stepping down as Middle East peace envoy build, insiders claim Tony Blair has “no credibility” and is considered a “standing joke” at whom all sides “just rolled their eyes.”

Blair took on the role of envoy for the so-called Quartet in 2007 after stepping down as UK prime minister.

The Quartet is a peace process-oriented bloc composed of Russia, the United Nations, the United States and the European Union.

It was formed in 2002 to address escalating conflicts in the Middle East.

Speaking on Blair’s record in the role, a former US official told The Telegraph that the former PM was widely held to be “a standing joke.”

“Frankly all sides just rolled their eyes at the mention of his name.” He showed up, but was not effective. Honestly, when the Kerry negotiations were going on, it was like he’d wait until Kerry was going to be in the region and show up at the same time and then do press releases. It was sort of unseemly. Of course people met with him – he’s the former British prime minister and head of the Quartet – but beyond the media, there’s was really nothing much doing.”

The ongoing fallout from the 2003 Iraq War – widely held to have contributed to subsequent civil war and the rise of Islamic State – and Blair’s alleged dalliance with a variety of authoritarian regimes have earned him considerable censure.

He has been castigated by human rights activists for advising Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarban on how to manage criticism sustained in the wake of the 2011 massacre of up to 100 striking oil workers in Zhanaozen.

More recently, his closeness to the military-backed regime of Egypt’s Abdel Fatah al-Sisi has also been under the spotlight.

In November 2014, staff at global charity Save the Children were enraged when Blair was awarded the organization’s Global Legacy Award.

Two hundred of them signed a letter condemning the award as “morally reprehensible.”

In March, Justin Forsyth, CEO of Save the Children, said he was “very sorry” to staff and members of the public who were offended by the decision, branding the issue an “unnecessary distraction.”

Forsyth, a former aide to Blair, told the BBC’s Today program: “I know that many of our supporters and volunteers were very upset and our staff, several of our staff too, and I’m very sorry for that.”

Not everyone was critical of Blair’s performance as envoy.

US President Barack Obama’s administration has said Blair is a “valued partner in trying to bring peace to the Middle East.”

One official involved in the peace process conceded: “The Israelis didn’t mind him, because he was heavily tilted toward them, but the Palestinians couldn’t stand him and most of the rest of the peace-making community and other groups included, just rolled their eyes.”

Mr Blair has been under fire for some time, with three former British ambassadors last year backing a campaign for him to be sacked and accusing him of trying to “absolve himself” of responsibility for the crisis in Iraq.

Source: RT

Breakdown Of IPCC Investigations


We’ll update this.

We’re assuming all are Met related.

Caveat: These are our best guesses.

1)  Lambeth and Blair minister HERE –    Allegation of a potential cover up around failures to properly investigate child sex abuse offences in South London and further information about criminal allegations against a politician being dropped.

2)  Complaint made by John Mann MP HERE–    Allegation that an investigation involving a proactive operation targeting young men in Dolphin Square, was stopped because officers were too near prominent people.

3) Peter RightonHERE–  Allegation that a document was found at an address of a paedophile that originated from the Houses of Parliament listing a number of highly prominent individuals (MPs and senior police officers) as being involved in a paedophile ring and no further action was taken.

4)      Allegation that an account provided by an abuse victim had been…

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‘Blair to step down as Mideast envoy’ he should have been sacked years ago

Uprootedpalestinians's Blog

‘Blair to step down as Mideast envoy’

A report says former British Prime Minister Tony Blair is set to step down from his controversial role as a Middle East envoy amid a diplomatic impasse and concerns over his business interests.

The report, published by the British Financial Times, on Sunday said several senior diplomats have reportedly suggested that Blair is preparing to resign as an envoy for the so-called Quartet – consisting of the US, the European Union (EU), the United Nations (UN) and Russia.

One unnamed diplomat said Blair’s departure was “long overdue,” as “he has been ineffective in this job. He has no credibility in this part of the world.”

The report said that Blair met with US Secretary of State John Kerry on March 14 during a trip to the Egyptian resort city of Sharm el-Sheik to discuss a possible change in his role. He has…

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UK Zionists plot to force Southampton University to cancel conference on Israel and international law

Uprootedpalestinians's Blog

March 14, 2015  /  Gilad Atzmon

The Deafening Silence of the PSC-an introduction by Gilad Atzmon:

The entire Jewish community is outraged at an academic conference in Southampton University, scheduled 17-19/4/15, dedicated to the legality and the legitimacy of the Jewish State in the eye of international law. The university and the conference organisers are subject to constant harassment by, pretty much, every Jewish lobby group in the UK.

The first lesson to draw from this evolving saga is that Jews and Zionists do not at oppose cultural and academic boycott. They just do not like to be boycotted. Clearly, every Jewish Lobby here is exercising every possible measure to prevent an academic  conference.

However, far more embarrassing than this is the deafening silence of the PSC (Palestinian Solidarity Campaign). In spite of the fact that the conference is a breakthrough in terms of academic treatment to the conflict…

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