Priest banned from using Twitter & Facebook for six months after claiming Israel was behind 9/11




Reverend Stephen Sizer (pictured) used his internet accounts to spread ideas which were ‘clearly anti-Semitic’, the Church of England said


  • Vicar suggested Israel was responsible for 9/11 attack on the Twin Towers
  • He has been banned from using social media sites Twitter and Facebook
  • The Church of England said the reverend’s ideas were ‘clearly anti-Semitic.
  • But the Church has allowed Reverend Stephen Sizer to remain a vicar
  • He is the vicar of wealthy parish of Christ Church in Virginia Water, Surrey

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jet fuel thats a good one


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Why Jonathan Freedland Isn’t Fit to be the New Editor-in-Chief of the Guardian

Aletho News

By Blake Alcott | CounterPunch | February 13, 2015

Should Jonathan Freedland, the Guardian’s Executive Editor, Opinion, take over the editor-in-chief’s post from Alan Rusbridger? Freedland’s instalment is rumoured to be a condition set by the New York Times if the two enlightened North Atlantic papers are to merge, but even without this his chances seem good.

A central topic for both papers, as for the world in general, is Palestine, Israel, the Middle East. The topic is said by Freedland himself to have been his specialty for some twenty years. I have read through 100 of his writings on the subject in the Guardian, the Jewish Chronicle and the New York Review of Books and conclude that their content should worry the Guardian staff, its readers and his employer The Scott Trust. His support for Israel is unbalanced, violates the Guardian’s commitment to liberalism and is rooted in…

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Axis of evil, USA, Canada & UK involved in Venezuela Coup Plot

Uprootedpalestinians's Blog

Evidence Reveals Canada, UK Involvement in Venezuela Coup Plot

Telesur” – The president of Venezuela’s national assembly, Diosdado Cabello, presented further evidence of the right-wing plot to overthrow the Bolivarian government Friday evening.

Cabello presented evidence of the foiled plans, including a video showing members of the military prior to recording a message announcing that the military no longer recognized the government.

The video, which was set to be aired after planned attacks had been carried out, was to have been televised by a station in Venezuela or Miami.

Cabello also showed a 10-year U.S. visa given to one of the detained, days before the plan was to be implemented.

Cabello also said that a member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, and a member of the U.K. diplomatic core in Venezuela, had been involved in plans, including seeking information on airport capacity in case of emergencies.

According to Venezuelan intelligence, the computers seized to military detractors revealed maps from the…

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700 British artists sign on to cultural boycott of Israel

Uprootedpalestinians's Blog

700 British artists sign on to cultural boycott of Israel

In the latest show of support for the international Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement, a group of 700 British artists, actors and musicians have signed on to a boycott of Israeli government institutions, to try to pressure Israel to end its discrimination against the indigenous Palestinian population.

Comic by Latuff about the cultural boycott
Comic by Latuff about the cultural boycott

A letter published Saturday in the British Guardian newspaper by novelist Kamila Shamsie reads, in part, “It doesn’t take long in the West Bank and Jerusalem to work out that ‘apartheid’ is the only word that will do. It is present in the extensive infrastructure of military might, 3G phone coverage (not allowed to Palestinian mobile providers), and no-Arabs-permitted bus routes that cater to settlers in the West Bank whose presence there is illegal. It is present in the implementation of laws that make it…

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Masked protesters will march on the homes of “elite” paedophiles and public figures they claim have been involved in the “nightmarish” cover-up of child sex abuse [VIDEO]



anonymous tv



Masked protesters will march on the homes of “elite” paedophiles and public figures they claim have been involved in the “nightmarish” cover-up of child sex abuse.

In a video released on YouTube, Anonymous says it has exposed a club of people in positions of trust and responsibility that have been murdering and torturing children.

“Friday the 13th will see us become the nightmare on Elite Street,” the message says.

#OpDeathEaters Why do we fight for the voiceless, defenseless victims of #Pedosadism you ask? We ask, why don’t YOU? Join us in protesting!

— OpDeathEatersTX (@OpDeathEatersTX) February 13, 2015

“Politicians, royals, media, religious figures, singers, actors, men and women; it seems that the long grotesque arm of this club has no bounds



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Anti-Semitism Gilad Atzmon and Nottingham Jazz

Uprootedpalestinians's Blog

By Jeanie Barton

I have always considered music a universal language; perhaps the only form of communication that can unite us regardless of creed, race, religion or even species – life connects with the beauty and passion of musical expression.  I was therefore recently very disturbed that, a small number of Nottingham residents succeeded in lobbying Gedling Borough Council to cancel a concert by a popular, critically acclaimed saxophonist who is also an Israeli critic of Jewish Identity Politics and identity in general.

When I heard that just 13 people had managed to cancel the musical performance of Gilad Atzmon, whose band has previously played The Bonington Arts Theatre 9 times to packed houses, without any complaint from audiences or residents, Jewish or Gentile, I balked at what this could mean for freedom of speech, jazz and music in general.

 Gilad is critical of…

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UK Government in Court of Appeal over rendition and torture case

Aletho News

Reprieve | February 12, 2015

Lawyers for the British Government will today argue in the Court of Appeal that a case concerning the 2004 kidnap, torture and ‘rendition’ of a man by UK and US forces should not be heard.

The case is being brought by legal charity Reprieve and solicitors Leigh Day on behalf of Yunus Rahmatullah (32), who was captured in Iraq by the UK, tortured and held in the notorious Abu Ghraib prison, before being ‘rendered’ to Afghanistan by the US. He then faced a decade of detention without charge or trial in Bagram prison, before being released in 2014.

Today, Mr Rahmatullah’s lawyers are appealing a previous decision by the High Court that the Government could rely on the ‘Crown Act of State’ doctrine, which the Government argues prevents the court from intervening in executive acts abroad, even if they were unlawful. If the High Court’s…

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FROM THE ARCHIVES: David Cameron, Lord Green, and a scandal waiting to happen.

The Slog.

From The Slog, January 2014:

IT’S A CAMERONATHON: 3-in-a-row at The Slog as Dave’s mate Baron Green gets a tad twitchy about Dark Stars

camfiresmokefinalHSBCers at Davos have been heard to mutter “pensions need bailing out”, while Asian bankers (whose tongues have been loosened by Saki) talk about balance sheets suggesting HSBC has a current capital shortfall of $45.1bn, probable litigation costs at around $10bn, and at least twenty clients either already charged (or about to be charged) with global mega-fraud….several of whom were raided during a Belgian police operation recently.

Last week, Forensic Asia began its coverage of Britain’s largest banking group with a ‘sell’ recommendation, warning the lender had between $63.6bn (£38.7bn) and $92.3bn of “questionable assets” on its balance sheet. Others say the bank’s eccentrically…

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British Foreign Secretary: London Reserves Right to Arm Kiev!

Socio-Economics History Blog

  • Published on Feb 11, 2015
    Britain has joined the US in reserving the right to arm Kiev amid escalating tensions in eastern Ukraine. British foreign secretary Philip Hammond went on to say his country will not allow the Ukrainian army to collapse. Speaking in parliament, he accused Russia of aggravating the effects of its initial incursion by providing military support to what he called proxies. The announcement comes as the US is considering providing Kiev with weapons to battle pro-Russians in eastern Ukraine. On Monday, however, President Barack Obama said he would hold off the decision to give a Franco-German peace plan time to work. Click on image for article! Click on image for article!


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Ruling on UK intelligence services opens way for litigation re decades of snooping


The recent IPT (Investigatory Powers Tribunal) ruling that the mass surveillance practices of UK intelligence services – in particular GCHQ – was unlawful has huge implications and could lead to innumerable class actions or litigation by individuals. Legal challenges are already underway on behalf of journalists. The IPT ruling appeared to refer to the use of technologies covering the last seven years, but another interpretation is that the illegality of mass surveillance could go way back beyond that period. The implications are only beginning to sink in…

First, a recap…

In December 2014 the IPT ruled that GCHQ practices – specifically Tempora – were lawful. However, Carly Nyst, Legal Director at Privacy International commented: “The proceedings forced the Government to disclose secret policies governing how foreign intelligence agencies, including the NSA, share information with GCHQ. Privacy International believes that the fact that these secret policies are only now…

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